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Kiva Lights are modified fluorescent lamps. They contain a more blue and green balanced light (relaxing the system), rather than "full spectrum" lights, which contain more yellow and red light (aggravating the system). 

The light spectrum is designed to match the light found in the shade of a tree, which is the best balance for healing and nuturing the body. 

These lights help the body's immune system to heal itself, get rid of toxins and stress that cause dis-ease.  The light enters the eyes and corrects the pineal gland, giving it the energy it needs, like a battery recharge.

Color Rendering Index (CRI) is 91.   Lux rating is 10,000 for the T12 48" bulb at 1.5' from the light.

They have a subtle effect on the system, not  a magic pill or instant cure, but you will notice the improvement in how you feel.  After using the healthy lights for awhile, you will notice how icky other lights feel when you are away from your Kiva-spectrums.


Kiva Light breaks FREE RADICALS in the air and anything that is water or water soluble. This is what keeps epoxy glue from setting up under the light.  Minerals, or vitamins or whatever is utilized by the body, is changed. Everything within the energy field in the building, up to 4,200 square feet or 42,000 cubic feet, even bathtub water!  Putting a Kiva-spectrum bulb in the bath to restructure the bath water, makes for a very relaxing experience!

Kiva Light balances positive and negative ions in the air.  Dry, dusty rooms are lacking negative ions. Humid rooms are lacking positive ions. Kiva Light produces highly active water molecules which precipitate the dust (positive ions), and excess humidity (negative ions). This makes an equal balance of both positive and negative ions.


Kiva Lights should be used by themselves. The lights work best when they are on all day. Using a timer makes it easier, and will give you more consistent results.

The kitchen is the best area, because it will treat water and food before you cook or ingest it. 

If your fixture has a plastic cover on it, please remove it because it will modify the light spectrum to a not-so-beneficial one.

In the evening, turn off the light and use an incandescent-type of lighting. A lady who bought some Kiva Lights left one turned on in her downstairs kitchen at night. Her bedroom is upstairs, and she had so much energy from the light that she had difficulty getting to sleep til she turned the light off !


Note: Cheap plastic fixtures will burn out your bulb quickly.  Get a heavier-weight metal one with a good ballast.  Usually the 4' T12 fixtures are built well with a good ballast.


KIVA LIGHTS were invented by a Scientist named Orie, who worked in a light factory.  He noticed that his tea tasted different under different types of lights.  This led him to experiment with different colors of light, until he found the "perfect" light, which he called the KIVA Light. 

Orie smoked cigarettes, and found that when he went in for his annual checkup, the doctor told him that he had no lung damage!  Orie's explanation, "This is due to the Kiva Light keeping the tar from sticking to the body because it is 'cracked anatomically'.  The immune system sees that it is a foreign substance, and removes it from the body."

Kiva Lights have been available to consumers since about 1977.   How the lights are made is a trade secret, but the results are no secret to many.

Kiva-Spectrum bulbs in all sizes now available from an alternate supplier!

Remember when I said "Light is Energy?" Look at this !